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Why is it that we can see,
What is always meant to be,
Only when we lose our best,
That we can see all the rest.

As we are always told to hold,
None of us, seldom, are that bold;
We take each other for granted,
And never see, till all is slanted.

A second chance is sometimes given,
To really show that one is forgiven;
But we need to realize,
And all open up our starry eyes.

Life is given to all of us- to Live It;
Not to just exist and be- without it;
We all should be thankful for what we are given,
For there are lots of others, far less driven.

So as we wake up each morning,
We should be thankful we are living;
Take each day as it is dealt,
And hope that our hearts do melt.

Yes, hurt and sorrow are sometimes felt,
But we need to keep them under our belts;
For it is better to have loved and lost,
Than to live with only the frost.

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