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United States
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I am Congo
Looked upon with disgrace
They tried to erase my race
We were betrayed and put on slave ships
Slavery was money, so there were no friendships
I am Kenya
My ancestors were put through a lot of stress and pain
Beat down till’ their faces were filled with permanent mud stains
Lashed till you could see through their bear skin
The world was blind because through their eyes we were the personification of sin
I am Libya
My race looked past the hate and kept their minds on gaining freedom
We cherished our race with dignity and wisdom
We knew that misplaced hate brings disgrace to races
We did not let anger's poison stop the progression on winning Supreme Court cases
I am Zimbabwe
The embodiment of hope, courage, and resiliency
The epitome of power, greatness, and endless abilities
Which enrich my soul with peace, knowledge, and ingenuity
Within my heart dwells the spirit of creativity, and beauty


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