We live in a nation that's afraid of change 
Religious nuts in our faces, acting deranged
They preach and force
Attempt to convert others on their course
We live in a nation that's afraid of rejection
Slowly twisting their abnormalities into their own projection
Religious nuts who claim our lives are trapped in sin
Homosexuality is wrong, you're damned to hell
You must accept Jesus to save yourself
I tell 'em to stay back!
Who the hell are you to tell me how to live or act?
I can love who I want, I can believe what I want, I can be whatever I want!
The sheep should look at their own reflection 
Look hard, then maybe you'll see your own deception 
But I suppose ignorance is bliss
We live in a nation that's afraid of this
It's not up to anyone to make them see
I can only be true to myself and that's stay me


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