I am afraid

Afraid that every day I live I am losing out

Afraid that every time I speak its nonsense coming out of my mouth

Afraid that I won’t live to have sons and daughters

Afraid that no one will listen

Afraid that I will drown in Satan's bloody death stricken waters

Afraid that everyone sees me as worthless

I am afraid

Afraid of speaking up

Afraid that I am falling that I am falling in a bottomless cup

Afraid I won’t be anything

Afraid that the silent cries of the tormented goes on unheard

Afraid that righteousness will never be

Afraid of that I lack humility

I am afraid

Why am I afraid?

Is it because the world is always dark?

Or am I afraid that there is no love in my obdurate heart-

Why must I be afraid and I know the Lord's Prayer

Afraid that it always feels as though God his father does not care

I am afraid

Afraid of the untold wonders

Afraid that my insecurities may pool me under

Afraid that there is no love to be lost

But yet so much hatred to be given

Afraid that this is death and I am not really living

Afraid that liberty was never fought

I am afraid of the evils that lie in me

Afraid of me

What are you afraid of?



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