An Affair: To Poetry, My First Love


It all started in Mama Karima’s kindergarten class

It was a rainy day, so recess was canceled

Not a child could be seen running on the grass

Instead we sat quietly while lunch tables were handled

Mama Karima brought out a small brown book, I thought maybe to tell potions

Not in a million years would I have guessed that the book would bring out so many emotions

Suddenly the book was opened

And to my surprise out came words that were cloned

The words flowed in a repeated rhythmic motion

I almost felt sea sick riding the waves of a worded ocean

The Poem: Honey I Love, The Poet: Eloise Greenfield

Her characters and her words had my mind reeled

I couldn’t stop, I had to listen

My imagination wondered

I had met Poetry, this was our first collision

Why am I just now meeting you, I pondered

But he didn’t let me think for long

Immediately I was drawn back into his arms

His words stayed in my head almost like a song

That day everything else was ignored, I only heard Poetry’s unforgettable alarms

The alarms of similes and rhyme

But then came a soft thump and I knew it was time

The book was now closed

But my love for Poetry was forever imposed





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