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      Born into a world where..we are challenged by adversity,

Born into a world where..challenge is viewed as a curse to be.. the talents that are spoken.. into our bodies like the Words of God in the Bible

But even with these talents we look into the eyes of the idol.. of laziness to fall back

Like a figure skater who lost balance and fell of track,

While trying to reenact the act that would win gold......if she was just bold enough to do so,

       We are reminded everyday by the things we allow to bind us.. in other words refine us, from our God given goals placed in our lives

So given this are we not to do anything but strive for it?

Education, born into a world where athletics come before it.

Passing students that barely understand what X+X=2 is.

This is ridiculous.

What standards have we set for our student athletes?

The Common Misconception- athletes aren't typically smart and the smart aren't typically athletic

I step up to push away the obstacles that were instilled into my life before I even knew what life was.

But just because of this known fact I will not choose to accept them,

Neither will I neglect them,

Instead I will reflect... on my achievements, 

Knowing that even when my back was pushed up against the wall of the nations formalities

That I was still glad to be..

A Student Athlete

A woman

Who when she is held to the standards,

Knows that when she puts her mind to it that standards become a fragment of imagination

A woman that preforms beyond interpretation.

      For running the race of challenge half-heartedly gets us nowhere

And not checking in for the race doesn't put up points.

So let us focus our eyes on the real prize, 

Run the race of challenge not just to finish 

But to prosper UP 

Against the adversities that are already built UP.. infront of you and me

        I believe that we were put on this earth for a reason

That my ancestors were not brought over on boats as an act of treason,

But that it fit into God's plan,

Even if we still don't understand.

I believe that we were brought on this earth by God's command.

And for this reason I stand UP against the challenges that try to conquer me,

For I am stronger than anything that tries to conquer.

        So not only are we born into a world that came pre-installed with obstacles,

We are born into a world that can be changed.

A world that bows down at the name,

Jehovah Jireh, my God.

So with him beside me,

This never fails to remind me, 

That this world can and will be changed at the face of,










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