The Adventure of a Lifetime

If I was stuck on an island and could just take one thing

What one item would I most certainly bring?

A favorite book so I could curl up and read?

A supply of cheeseburgers upon which I’d feed?

A friend, or my dentist, or maybe my dog?

My scrapbook from June when I visited Prague?

Though these things are nice and might help pass the time,

They won’t be the subject of this little rhyme.

If I had been stranded in the middle of the sea,

I’d have to bring my little brother with me!

We get along great since he’s just two years younger,

He’d help me find food as to not die from hunger!

He could help construct weapons to fight off wild beasts,

Or maybe utensils so we could have feasts!

A dire situation, but he’d make it fun-

We could climb in the trees or play out in the sun,

We’d discover some waterfalls or a hot spring,

We could build a waterslide, treehouse, or swing

But most importantly, he would help build a boat

He’s an engineer, so he would make sure it could float!

He’d help us escape because he is so clever,

From the adventure that we would remember forever!

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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