Admit One.

Keep your eyes closed. Don't peek. 
We're almost there don't go to sleep. 
I promise you won't be disappointed this gift is real deep. I made it myself why wouldn't it be. Ok on the count of one, two, three, Surprise.
Open your eyes, it's the inside of my mind . I got some pretty interesting things inside. Here's a ticket of ambition it's general admission. Anything you want to know I give you permission. Under one condition. Pinky promise to keep what's behind these walls hidden. You know just between me and you. I've had a thief or two who'd tried to take my heart but it's unretrievable. I have the key, and well if you like what's inside I might give the key to you. There's sarcastic lane, don't be offended there might be some smart remarks but it's all love within it.  We could ride my funny bone, that will have you cracking up all night long. Jokes on top of jokes. Right there is my day dreaming boat, drifting off onto where no one knows, So who knows how long we'll be afloat. That ride over there is called Nervous. It's broken on purpose we're trying to replace it soon with a ride called Imperfect. The coaster there is called Optimistic it gives each rider a different vision depending upon your mood when you get in it. I have the bumper racers but I replaced mine with a bunch of faces, because well like me, the look on my face instantly changes. I have twin swing sets, one is Mood swings. We're working on its pace, it only gets a couple, if any,  rides per day. My Solitude swings brings a different kind a peace. They swing high in the direction of the wind. If you want something more of a slow pace I have Calm Trains, the ride slowly guides you to collect your thoughts within. Curiosity coasters are probably my favorite just have to be careful. It's a dare devil adventure anything you want to do, it'll let you. I have the Sympathy symphony if you're into music. My Creative cafe can make you anything you crave to eat, healthy, fried salty or sweet don't forget the cool whip. We're closing soon, shut down is night time. Hoped you liked the surprise of the day inside of my mind. 


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