Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:10 -- Aerial



I'd like to be a literary giant
but I am a dwarf star
instead of a dwarf
I'm an amoeba
not an amoeba after all
only a thought-tosser
not formulated enough
to leave afterthought
as a mist
on someones horizon
or sun visor
automobile window left down-spiraled
the hurry was that tempo
dew all over and inside and out of body
sticky in my mouth
it must be someone elses
I'd never taste my own
or wouldn't I
what an experience
sweet or not
honey for the bees
I was stung once
the swelling never subsided
I don't care
but sometimes like my brain
it gets in my way
and my compass fails
to point out anything and
I get lost in the directionalessness
and cringe because I'm crying
about it cringing my worthiness
no kitty fur to sop up tears
motherless to face the fears queers
gotta go it alone bone
not as bravely as I'd like to
but not caring like I'm expected
I've known homelessness once before
younger and drugged and thugged
it wasn't so unsettling then
a cock in one of my tunnels
I love a good rooster
or roaster baked at 450
a minute or less
but nine showers a day
and epidermis angers peelingly
some slippery to take away the flake
you can't kiss them
those lips have been found guilty of
trespassing multiple counts
and statutory legalese...
labels it aiding and abetting
leaving one to ponder feloniously
was it worth a swallow
or catastrophe

October 10th 2013


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