Over the course of my lifetime

I've never understood societies ways

Of adding insult to injury

That walks on common ground these days.

Public humiliations and peer's that bully

Rumors spreading while gossip stalks

No one asks what the victim's views are

Contemptuous jeers and ridicule mocks.

And what if all the whispered stirrings

Were fictitious lies from envy's guts

And what if the green eye of jealousy

Was all it took to make those cuts.

Can this social outpour that runs rampant                     

This corruption circling about with rife

Be fabrications beyond the truth

Change someone's future course in life.

So if this news implies a scandal

A juicy morsel for you to tell

Is it worth that intimate secret

A person's life to buy and sell.

How does your mind handle this message                                   

Does your third eye just want a peek?

Do you delude and deceive your judgement

Just to perpetuate the leak?

It may help if you look inward

Beyond the shell that holds your frame            

And find a mutual discernment

To treat another without such shame.

We all breathe this air together

It's a give and take world as you know

Show some appreciation for each other

And give respect to one another as you go.                                                                                                       


~ yvonne renee moore       




This poem is about: 
Our world



This makes me think about life today because people are so judge mental nowadays without knowing the real

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