Add Some Sugar

1, 2, 3…pennies

100 pennies, 1 dollar!


Count them, count them!


We bought bread…

“Oh well…add some sugar,”

“But Mami, its all dead.”

“So… add more sugar!”


The sugar we had was:

Trickles of love,

Crystals of laughs,

And mellow hugs.


We had to add sweet

Because we had no choice but treat

Any hints of future fey.


We learned to fix life

By loving, laughing, hugging

Within a house hiding

Inside eucalyptus sounds of fife.

Whatever pulled us,

Mama strengthened our guts

Made strong minds

And added some sugar to give life.


No money to go out,


No money to buy clothes,


No money to travel,



Whatever these things are,

They are unreachable

Dimensions in jars,

But mine’s a fantastical one…

Out there it is full of family love

It is a flying dove

That cures minds

And stabilizes the wise.



So she slowly made me

Delve into books

And so she paid private school,

And slowly sweet that tickled me

Made me drown into seas of words

That stirred and stirred

Within mind and heart

That dripped to be a sugar art.



This art became me.

A growing seed

That had little water

And had little matter

And was greatly shun

From reaching a ray of sun.

But the sweet that crystalized

The heart and mind

Made diamonds of dignified

Thoughts and skills never blind.


My mother, the crafter,

Is the tree.

She also had little water

And had little matter

But knew how to see

A light that turned into

Crystals of sugar that are:



And Laughs.

This poem is about: 
My family


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