Adapt and Overcome

As time flew and flew

And his home was consumed by mankind's greed

He had no choice but to become them

His appetite altering 

His work feeding him


He now only lives in urban tales 

With no suspicion surrounding him

He sits at an office from 9 to 5

The head of a company; 


Each day calling one by one 

He sits them down 

With a smile on his face

Slowly with every breathe 


Every second that ticks that feels like an eternity 

With every word he consumed them

At the end of every meeting 

They left lifeless and soulless 

Walking with no purpose


He no longer ate them as he one did 

But instead he stole their souls

Which stole their joy and every emotion 

They could every hold

They became hollow; 


They say that an office job 

Steals your soul from you 

Leaving you empty and lifeless

But it really isn’t


In fact it’s just the Wendigo

Who steals your soul 

No longer consuming 

Your physical form


He sits in the office at the top

With a wicked smile 

Licking his lips 

Waiting for another soul 

To devour;

After all it was the human’s greed 

Who caused this not he 

All he did was adapt and overcome



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