Ad Astra, Circumlocution

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 16:23 -- Iscarus
Only In the dreams I dream'd would the situation be viable in which I'd be with you...
And it seems that the dreams yield a better prize than reality,
it means I must prevail so that my rival doesn't.
And the mentality has to be warlike in the sense that a winner reaches the finale;
but the shows not over until, enough re-runs have milked the script dry at the end of the day.
...On the farm just waiting for the butcher but, lets just focus on the hay;
because the dry grass seems better than what's at the end of the day.
Its worth taking the farmers tractor for a ride, because let's be honest...
which is greener on the other side?
Tides turn as these lights burn away.
Burn away,
Burn away,
Turn away.
What is right may churn away into whatever potions.
Set the path in motion, and I'll remain on this path until the well runs dry.
Well in that case I'll chose to be the guy,
Who drifts of that path and starts floating, till the river reaches the ocean. 
Not to bragg but I rip currents, and I don't mean to show off, I'm just show...boating. 
Lifeboat popper...
When I show up to show-and-tell I'm a show stopper.
I'm just showing you how to inspire,
Bringing together this earth, wind, & fire.
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