Why we fail to act:

We are too intelligent and poor as well;

these has made us passive.


They give us what to talk about

so we may forget to revolt.

The make us poorer...

but must we be poor physically and in mind?

I shall not be deceived...


we are all social critics

who meditate endlessly

on the faults of every lead.

all we do is post comments on the social media

and laugh it off with a cold bottle of beer in a bar.


i remember a country that began a revolution from the social media.

'Actions Speaks,' not words.

i'm tired, i want to fight,

i yearn to see the blood of evil men flow on the street corners.


Where is your gut?

Until we learn to fight,

we will continue to see obliterated feces and dismembered bodies

litter our roads every morning;

we will all lose our kins via bombs strapped on the bodies of our children...

WE are the victims of our sins...

'Actions Speaks,' not words

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My country
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