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I walk through these blue framed doors as I take a second to breath thoughts drown my busy mind. I take two steps forward scared and lonely, and the voices begin to attack. They repeatedly say “freak”, “tranny”, “fag”, “gross”, “stupid”, “female”, “she”, “her”. I try and walk away from it with open scars upon my brain. As I walk further and try to pass them, I feel a wave of hands crash to my back. I stumble to my aching knees. My senses elevate. I hear the clock ticking louder through a thick crowd, doors slamming across the school, papers shuffling from another room, but a high pitch flat line lingers in the back of my mind. Everyone I tell they respond with “grow up”. How am I the one that has to grow up? Meanwhile the hands and voices get to throw me around. The next day as I walk through those blue framed doors, for every hate filled word that is said, I give a compliment to their lifeless sunken in face. For every hit I take, a smile I exchange while I stare into their burning pit filled eyes. Then that’s when I realized in order to grow up you must have a reaction for every action.

For I know who I am… A man of that matter.


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