The Act


Nod. Smile. Nod. Smile. Now....Laugh. There is nothing that is true. Nothing left with truth. He took truth away. What is this possible happiness? When was it all ripped away? It is a facade. The happiness was never possible because of him. Because of me. His betrayel. My cowerdice. Now I am broken. There is no real emotion, Not even when I cry. I want to hate him, But I hate me. I know we could have been together, But I shut down. I said nothing of how I felt. Like now I put on an act. The Act that killed us. Fear made me silent. Silence made me loose my best friend. Silence broke my heart. Silence drove him to her. Now, When I speak, There is nothing. Nothing except.... They talk? Respond. Joke? Laugh. Pretend. Act. The Act is all that is left.


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