As i stare into the mirror,

to my dread i realize that man was not me...

This curly haired,

strangely coincidentally dressed,

green eyed stranger was staring back at me...

His laughing green eyes 

worn grey by sadness.

His smile easily plays along his face,

yet never for long,

as the corners of his lips seem to be weighed down by grief..

Though he looks younger then he really is,

the air around him is heavy with his past,

suffocating me.. 

i want nothing more then to get away,

to turn and run from this strange man,

or plunge my fist into the glass and shatter his gaze by force...

Yet im transfixed by his gaze...

He seems to be able to look right through me,

and though that is what i fear most it offers a strange comfort...

and as we stare at the other

with the faintest of smiles he tells me it will be ok,

That im not forgotten

and for an instant...

the fear goes away

as i stand up straight and face him, 

my reflection.


Kisa Amora

This was good. I felt it, you horrorat realizing that you had become someone else one day and your commetment to change it.

I really like this poem. Three stars my friend.



means a lot my friend, thank you for reading my work i'll look up some of yours sometime as well. as for this piece just felt like i don't know who i am looking at when i stare into the mirror anymore but i've come to accept it.

Miss Independent

This bleeds "down-to-earth" honesty...I think anyone can in some way relate to this at some point in their life... Awesome write!

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