Having the poison seep into the pores of my soul, I loose control of reality. 
What is right& wrong.
I loose the melody of all your songs. 
I turn around& see your not there to save me from my misery. 
The sweet whisper of your voice calling my name is all I follow to the light that ended with disappointment. 
I call out your name as I fall down the hole of dark contempt. 
My smiles turn into jester seductive grins. 
My kiss turns into a hoax of love. 
My lovely boy toys turn around& walk away from my fake ass. 
Now I sit here alone with no true love to spare. 
Would I ever be able to be whole again? 
Would I ever be able to love the way that is true? 
Could I ever make you stay? 
My only love who came back after my mistakes.. trust had always been an issue. 
I don't know what to do..i shattered that fragile heart of yours, but I will pick you back together even if it kills me.
Because I love you my jaan.


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