The Achilles Heel

Achilles was your average child, 

Born to a woman of fair trade, 

And a father into the international work, 

Growing up he grew a passion for basketball, 

Being an only child, 

His parents often pushed him to be his best, 

Paying for him to go to basketball camp,

With one of his best coaches chiron, 

He was known for impeccable footwork on the court, 

His jump shots, and shots out of this world, 

Making him one of the greatest players, 

To ever come out of highschool straight to college, 

His mother peleus always telling him to slow down, 

You can play, but keep your body in mind, 

Your not invincible she would always say, 

As his dad who said sideline, 

Cheering as he watched with joy as his boy, 

Playing in the big leagues, 

As his nba career began, 

Achilles you often here, 

When you thought of the all times great, 

But just like every star,

They have their faults, 

Achilles always struggled with his left heel, 

Doctors blamed the cause on paticorners, 

Who often deliver babies, 

Pulling at their heel with their legs first, 

Causing damage to the bone structure, 

But achilles never let it stop him, 

Practicing everyday, 

Paying his way through psychical, 

He was a man of statute and honor, 

As time came for nba finals, 

Achilles and his team lead the game, 

99 to 98, 

The last minute of the game,

He went for the block,, 

Pushing up as his hands went up.

As paris on the opposing team lost the ball, 

Achilles landed on his left heel,

With a SNAP!

He plunged into the ground, 

The crowd going silent at the sound of the snap,

Worries, and gasp was all around, 

As coaches rushed to take him out, 

Sending him to the er, 

He learned not only have they won, 

But that it was the last game he’ll ever play, 

His achilles had been severely rupture,

Forced to retire at the peak of his career, 

He often pushed others to take care of their body,

Leave no part unattended he often say, 

He rather have played among the greatest,

Even know he won't ever play again, 

Then have wasted his talent doing something else



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