Achilles Heel

Today is the day,

even with all my endurance and fortitude,

I walk apprehensively towards you.

With my sphere and shield

ready to face my phobias and my faith,

hoping to be the hero of our Hopeless Romantic love

that will thwart our adversities.

If I disclose my weaknesses,

I anticipate that you would put down your bow

and not shoot an arrow on my heel…

If we kiss,

may that kiss be of affection and forgiveness,

and not the kiss of death.

If we unite,

may that closet be vacant

and not full of skeletons.

If we trust,

may that trust never be broken

and not reenact Samson and Delilah.

But If our paths diverge,

may that love I have for you be remembered

and not forgotten.

The day is today in which our faiths

lay on your arrow.

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