Achieving Happily Ever After

Each new life brought into this world begins with,

“Once upon a time.”There is so much hope for this life,it’s brand new; on a clean slate; pure;No evil has touched it.The child signifies a fresh new start;a “Once upon a time.” For most people,Once upon a times do not start out in happiness;a lot of us are Cinderella or the hunchback of Notre Dame. We are given hardships in our lives that we must overcome. Fairy tales are fairy tales; unrealistic,a story to be told.Maybe to give us hope for the future,that maybe one day we all will have our" Happily Ever After”;but fairytales give us false hope.  If we are in dire need of help,there will be no prince charming to save us.If we are at the lowest point in our lives,there will be no fairy godmother to help us.No one will necessarily turn up at the last second to save us;the only person we can count on is our own self. Life is like being in the woods,and we wander it.Unsure where to go,which path to take…It can get a bit confusing and scary sometimes,especially if we are alone. People do come by and pass us in the woods,sometimes they might walk with us and chat a little;give us advice.But no one stays for too long,everyone has their own path to take.Everyone’s path is unique and different;no path is alike. But we have to be smart in the woods,and we always have to have our hoods up.Not everyone in the woods can be trusted,not everyone in the woods is good.We have to be weary of everyone around; trust in our gut;And remember what mother said. There will be tricksters trying to confuse us;there will be liars that we are tempted to trust.Some people will appear friendly on the outside; you know, "just want to help us."But on the inside they might have different intentions; an appetite. Fairytales make life seem simple;Fairytales make life seem short.Life is long, difficult, and grueling;sometimes we want to cut our own stories short;Without ever knowing our if we get our “Happily Ever After.”The page ends; it goes blank;a story that is never finished. The woods can become very lonely and cold,but we are truly never alone.Everyone wonders the woods to find their own path;to find their “Happily Ever After.”And some people never find it,but that’s because they wondered off the path. We must stay on the path; we must not get misled; do not give in to the distractions that might make us wonder.Stay focused, be smart, don’t stray from the path,and we will eventually have our “Happily Ever After." 


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