To Acheive the Beyond Path

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 11:21 -- jerlee

To be sorry, I had to leave

My soul still guide within our blood

I knew will meet that bitter end

That cross our path and lead to the depth

Where my heart still boil lava and gold

Insecure as I always was…

Hiding from your pain struck eyes

I wimped toward the open sunrise

As I was stare down by my pride

Who knew it would hurt like a stake being pounded into my heart

Burning up like a lit candle that give off the smell of a burning corpse

Now I know my time has come for an reincarnation

Where karma will show no mercy

To what a life I have twisted toward


To be sorry, I had to leave

Those grateful wisdoms that was built by a leaf

To contain those knowledges inside my jar of hearts

If only if the path is rightfully chosen

I Shaw see the enlightenment of hundreds of star

Bursting within my inner soul

All because I had to leave


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