Acclaimed Invisibility

Which is better?

To be seen or unseen,


or feared?

Would you be the princess,

or the lady in waiting?

Would you be the White Queen,

or the villainous Knave of Hearts?


To be noticed feels fine,

when you’re acclaimed

for your famous intelligence,

but is it worth the fame

dying in time,

when your head rolls,


in fear of omnipotence.


To be unseen seems lonely,

like the faded colors

of a female bird,

but isn’t it safer

to be homely,

and appear to the world,

as only,

a blur?


Which power do you prefer?

To take hold of hearts,

or hold sway over shadows?

To be the judge,

or the Sorcerer’s apprentice?

The choice once was mine,

warring inside,

 and I trying to prophesy which would be bliss.


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