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To Be A Connection:

It is the hangover the morning after a chaotic, but joyful night.

The headache you knew that was going to come,

The nausea you don’t mind but you don’t need.


The flood after the rainstorm.

You danced in the rain,

Maybe even laid in it.

This flood was anticipated,

But it’s a pain to clean up.

To wash away.


It is the lengthy movie previews before the actual picture.

The ones you might want to see, but don’t really care about,

Because you came for the highly praised movie.

But the previews always tag along.

The stress from a long day that you have but don’t want.

Perhaps the long line you wait in for your favorite food.

The overplayed song.


Damn it all to hell,

I sang you to sleep when your heart was torn,

I danced to make you laugh and held you hand when you were scared to cross the damn street,

I was there.

I was that one ounce of light in your dark alley.

I swore loyalty and bled out to make sure you all have enough to survive.


My back broke from lifting you up.

I stood before God and defended your innocence you blind drunks with drug habits

Before my loved ones and vowed your good intentions


You all kept me locked up in this bottle of putrid deceit.


I smell of rotten pain and have nothing to show for it but your names engraved on my chest

Because I would have been damned if I ever let you go,


But you,

You have let me go with no rope, no parachute, no way to land in your arms.


So let it be known to all of you that when I splatter on the ground,

Your names won’t be scars on my heart anymore,


And when I recollect,

You won’t be there either.



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