The Acceptance of Sunset

My despair and sorrow is behind me

And no longer will impede me

From knowing truth from ideality 

A deceptive facade that belies truth


On destiny’s edge, I look back

Upon the days gone before

Knowing discipline is what I lack

Yet I regret nor begrudge


Here I lie on death’s door

Knowing satisfaction and closure

Asking for nothing more

Than sweet release


I see the dark angel’s wings

Ebony and endless as the abyss

I know not what the end brings

Again, I venture into the dark


My arms once reached for light

Yet now, I yearn for darkness

For a journey guided by my sight

To walk an endless road


With my quiet passing

I fear nothing anymore

New sprouts come into being

Starting their journeys, as I did


Destruction awaits every creation

A divine edict of the universe

Yet with each end, there is a new start

Whereby the journey begins anew


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