I felt hollow, 

out of place, different. 

I felt like an alien. 

I felt like an outsider. 


I was color and they were white. 

I was curvy and thick.

They were of 'normal' shapes and sizes.


I spoke with an accent and they spoke without any stutters. 

I was different. 



A concept, a thing I never felt before. 

I was different because of the tint of my skin 

The tint they wished for while roasting in the sun during the summer. 

I was different because two languages came easy to me

While they spent 3 years or more learning how to roll their R's 


I was different because they defined me. 

I define myself. 

I am a minority student in college 

I am a beautiful intelligent latina woman 

With curves and an accent. 

With a beautiful caramel tint that shines in the sun.


I have accepted that I am the same as you.

I have ears, a mouth, eyes... 

I just have more beautiful unique qualities. 


Don't treat me or people like me different, just because you dont like what you see. 

Trust me if its hard you to accept who we are. 

It's even harder for us to accept it too. 

This poem is about: 


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