The Abyss of Darkness


Somewhere inside me

There is a force

Trying to pull me into

The Abyss of Darkness

It is lurking

Just on the edge

Of my consciousness

No matter how much I try

It won’t go away

It remains

Waiting for the time

It can finally come out


I fear it

And what it can do to me

But mainly

I fear the fact

That it is actually

A part of me

The part

That I have been trying

To hide

And forget about

It is made up

Of the darkness

In my heart

The part of me

That seethes to see the blood

And suffering of others


The longer I try

To hold it in

The weaker I get

And the more powerful it does

Soon the time will come

That it has been

Ever so patiently

Waiting for

Where it takes over

And I am shoved

To the side

With nothing to do

But watch in horror

As the part

That I was trying

So desperately

To keep at bay

Is finally let loose


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