Abuse of Power

I feel like I'm stuck playing your game of cards

And no matter what, it keeps getting hard.

Winning's no longer an option for me,

But I can not just sit here to watch you sip tea.

You're ignorant, you're arrogant, you have no respect

And, to be honest, I'd hit you in the face with a desk.

Oh please, don't pretend the thought never crossed your mind

To suspend me and leave that challenge behind.

You know it's not easy, this game that we're playing

The constant power struggle between what we're saying

Is my honesty and pride just too much to handle?

You'd never admit it, but you can't hold a candle

To my system of support, my right vs. wrong

But I sit in your office as you sing the same song.

"Detention, two days, and this is your warning."

Your office's blank walls are severely boring.

Your abuse of power is starting to get old

I wish I could speak up, but then again I'm told

"Respect your elders and teachers, no matter what."

And because I need college, the up I will shut.



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