Everything beautiful is either immensely frail or immensely strong.

Memories, frozen in time, lasting one second. Lasting a thousand seconds. They are beautiful because they are so fleeting in our minds.

A rose petal, slowly blooming. To the few who spare the time and watch it, roses are amazing. But only because they are so frail. So ephemeral and fleeting. They know that the bright red, the bright yellow, will soon die, turn brown, fall, and be no more. It’s the ultimate symbol for life.

Mountains, are beautiful too. Landscapes, really, in general, are always fascinating. They are impenetrable, huge, forever. There is no change but among the flowers adorning the hill. The snow and water trying to carve out the mountain, miniscule bits at a time. But within one lifetime, your lifetime, the essence of the mountain stays the same. And so it is considered permanent. Permanent and beautiful.

Yes, some things are both. They show strength, when they are weak. Or show weakness when they are strong. But they are never neither. They are always unique and beautiful. Amazing, fascinating, divine.


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