Absolution or Damnation?

 Be you a storm of salvation or the most scorching of fires, 

You bring out of me my deepest sins, loves, and desires.


Fill me with darkness

Swallow me whole

Suck out my heartache

Devour my soul

Engulf me with water 

Enthrall me with wind

Drown me in your presence 

Just show me my end

I beg you for more 

Release me from my pain

I ask for your thunder

Your lightning, your rain

Just cleanse me of feelings 

Wash away the soot in my heart 

Bring me to a healing

Where sins end and love starts

Let me cry out the pain 

Let me cry out the hurt

Let me bleed out my evils

That run black like dirt 


I understand not why you lift me

Into a heaven unknown 

Then drop me; leave me

In a hell I call home

The fire is my bed

The flames caress me to sleep

I lay my head in a furnace

My eyes fill with smoke as I weep

I know of my evils 

But my heart was once pure 

Just as with the deadliest of sickness

I hopelessly search for a cure

I fall in my hell hole 

At least once a week 

The fire consumes me 

You're still all that I seek


I seek out redemption

Your love was my cure 

I dragged my heavy soul 

Along with my heart impure

I sat at your feet 

And opened up my heart 

I sat at your feet 

And let every piece fall apart. 

But when I opened my mouth 

All that escaped me was heat

You hid from my flames 

I stayed seated at your feet. 

I asked you to save me

I showed you my sins

You shielded me off

You dare not let me in. 

I fell to the earth 

A hard smack to my face 

Your upliftings were gone 

For the worst I did brace

It's a steady fall into hell

The hell of my soul 

You were not my storm

You were simply a coal

You gave birth to my fire.

You enlarged my flames 

You left me to burn

As a fire untamed....




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