Absolute Zeal

The breath we each take every day;

Leaves me breathless.

Smiles shared during joy;

Reminds me of you.

Awkward body movements;

When we fell in love.

Taking someone’s breath away;

Ultimate power over someone’s love.

Rare feelings of absolute love;

The flings come in between.

Tears shed during loss;

The funeral was the worse.

Opening eyes to color;

Because we are not blind to the truth.

Fear of moving forward;

The past is so great, the future unraveling.

Feeling the music;

Dancing to the spirit of ourselves.

The movements of daily life;

Sometimes mundane, sometimes spastic.

Together we stand in allowing for the truth;


Only truth is in emotions.

Cry and cry hard.

No need to hide,

No need to lie.

Let your emotion flow,

Let your “you” show.

Move forward and allow for life to do its thing.

Everyday will be awesome;

You are awesome.

Allow for the truth, allow for the hurt.

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