About a year ago,I

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 02:25 -- CheriY

About a year ago,

I had friends who shared

No writing interests such as mines.

We were still friends with a good flame.

Today, those same friends still share

No interests and are forever lost in their own tracks to the science realm,

But my sight has been cleared from the smoke,

And now I have met those with interests such as mines.


About a year ago,

Who would've thought that I'd 

Continued on to this road

With only doubts of getting accepted into college?

Now, I only doubt my ability

To surpass my fears of communicating with others,

But I've learned in these recent months

To embrace ambiguity in my writing.


Even today, I still struggle to learn,

But only from the best,

I have learned to admire beautiful pieces of art.

Though, I still long for knowledge.

Even from a year ago,

I have long since yearned for knowledge,

And the different perspectives of other poets and writers

Aside from my own.


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