There’s something in this world

That some believe is not real.

We reach and try to get ahold of it

But it isn’t something you can feel.


It lies within,

It grows inside

Of those who feed its fire.


Yet despite its flames

Its heat,

Its burning

Is the very thing

That keeps us from the pyre.


Many people lack it,

Or don’t know how to find it.


They let it go out,

They lose it.

They dishevel


When they blanket its force without knowing.


Because even though it’s born inside

All those born on the earth,

It’s the very earth,

The world,

The hearth of the heart of the people

She carries

That kick and throw

And hit and go at it

Until out goes

The flame inside us all.


Bur for me it’s always in my chest.

My beating heart will house it,

Hold it,

Anything but smolder it

Until there comes a time and day

When even I don’t need it.


But that day won’t come

Until the day I die

Because it’s the only thing I need

To keep myself alive.


It’s one thing I keep

From the One who keeps me,

The gift of fire in my soul.

It’s there within,



And it’s calling me by name.


It’s all I need,

All I have,

All I want.

All I know

Is how to keep

My Hope

Ablaze within my bones. 


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