ABC's Of Society

Absolute awareness and affirmational appending.
Bellow blows below belt constantly condescending.
Defending defenseless defamation. Dominantly demised.
Everlasting eyes epitomise fake frontful goodbyes.
Hello, honey. Heartbroken hero hurt horribly.
Ignorant ignorance ignites inquiries.
Justified kids killings knowledgeably.
Lessons learned let loose, men murder? Mere misogyny.
Moments made misery nearly narcissistic nuisance.
Open opportunities of organized oppression provided proudly proven prudence.
Qualitative qat restricting remembering rendition.
Subtle students stigmatized sociopathic slander.
Treated terribly trolling the top unequivocally unmannered.
Visiting vicious vendetta while wasting warrant work.
X-ray young yield. Zigzag… zerk.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the ideas of using alphabet letters was very creative
each letter represents a msg that is powerful
keep writing


Thanks. It means a lot.


This is brilliant! Well done.


Quite Interesting.


Interesting structure you did here, very unique but powerful nonetheless. You have a very strong voice!


this is amazing


hmmm very good

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