the ABCs

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the s



oh say can you see-


abundant America adjourns the act


after acquiring the artificial artifact

of the anxious affluent, then


the apprehended asymmetrical aliens.


before the beginnings of America beamed

the basis of our beings was the belief

in bountiful boisterous-



channeling (conceivably cantankerous)


choice to coincide-


declarations of differing i-deas  

into defining documentations

deeming destruction and division

as distasteful and disagreeable

determining the country

as the democratic defense

of the day.


eerily enough,

each entity of emigration

must evolve to english

upon entering.


founding fathers found freedom

in order for federation to flow fairly

yet faster fluidity does not


foster fairness.


greed greats germinating groups

of gallivanting go-getters.

green-eyed global girls and guys

gaze upon

the gimmick of gazelles and their gluttony.


the hierarchy heeds high-holding

head honchos.

hatred heats have-at-it habits-

little to no help to humans who have

humble hearts yet no homes.


imitators idolize

irate individuals

America is the independent


île of inspiration

yet as idealism increases

interest in others becomes invisible.


joke’s on the the jack-of-all-junctions.

join or die jargon jeopardizes

the joy of joining-


kids kill for kindness

like kinks

keep kindling our kindred klutziness

like kinks

kick our kings when they're-


laying in losses.

some Americans live long lives of learned


lowering their own levels within



matchbox for minds

mindsets of

“that's mine”s

making mockery of the mimes

who must mimic in order to

mean and not be misunderstood

master the means of the mute

so they are both microscopic

and miniscule-


not a nuisance.

and the next get knots in

national nooses.

neglected news is

the new nurse’s aid

for narrowing names

and namesakes of



objectifying the order of office-


of our optimal oxygen

open to every other option

but open-minded opinions.


picture perfect place

produces penitentiary people.

the price we pay for  

placing America in the principal position

peek of the pillar

peering down the planet with prejudice-


quoting quakers

yet quarreling

questioning quality

with quarters of quantum

yet we qualify

a quest to-


remake the rest

until replete

republic resemblance.

we reinforce the right to reshape

rectitude and reputation-

in regards to Ame-rica’s respect

and replication.


standing still with our

stagnant self satisfaction.

schemes summed up into


superiority soothes the semblance

and shadows the senses.



“transcendence” is taxing

taking tolls on America's teeth and tongue

and torso

toxins targeting thoughts and temples-


the towers from within the-


unlimited uniformly unified.

our unhappiness is unfixed-

by unanimous ultimatums

not ultimate understanding.


vision verses vices:  

victor is the view

not of vacant viewpoints

but of validated victims,

the view of

the      g







We could wave a White whisper

weep for Warmth

for a World with

less Wants

waltz with the Wretched

We can write new Wisdom-


X-ray the xenophobic eXtremes

the eXceptionalism



xylographing the eXplanations

of each individual.

eXamine the


Youth of Yesterday.

They are the Yearners.

the young 'yourselves’

yelling out yaws

and few yawns

Years of Yellow

traveling the yards to Yonder-

(maybe even yeomen of Yowlers.)


and so our zombi Zigzags Zero in

on new Zeist.


does that star-spangled banner yet wave

o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Yes and

Next Time

Won't You Sing With Me?

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