Always fight with all your might

Be the difference, be the light

Count your blessings every day

Deliver God's message in your own way

Find the diamond in the rough 

Give Him your life

He gave up His

Injustice to save all His kids

Jesus bled for me back then

Knives can be replaced by paper and pen

Life isn't meant for you to just give in

Might as well find Jesus and bond with him

Nothing can ever tear us apart

Overwhelming love from the bottom of my heart

Please don't ever leave me alone

Quietly I will come to Your throne

Righteousness none can deny 

Son of God was crucified

Trust in Him for all your days

Unconditional love shining bright as sun's rays

Venture out and spread His word

With passion in your voice, you will be heard

X-ray your heart, He will be found

Yes, there is where He will be found

Zealousness overcomes you two, for your love shall remain pure and true

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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