Passes as ever the wind

Jumping on each branch

Jumping like my heart

I Tried to understand why trees and earth

were not as I thought

It was like trying to understand

Why leaves fall in autumn

Like this is life

My eyes are of winter

That always carry the cold

That love has given me

But they are brown

Because explained autumn leaves

Which have fallen from my soul

Wanting a true love of those that passionate

With the look of a deep lake

I am an abandoned forest

No one comes here

To put themselves in my place

But all judge my wetness

Everyone wants to rip leaves to my tree

No watering my bushes

Caresses my skin of wood with joy

Neither gives me fresh water of love

Neither words of love

I am an abandoned forest

Nobody see the love in me

nobody sees the greatness in me.

- Jonatan Vega

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Our world
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