Tue, 06/18/2013 - 18:56 -- JamiC


United States
38° 40' 42.8916" N, 90° 22' 46.3584" W

As I look out over this highway I think of all of the moments when you told me
How beautiful I was
How I was a prize
How you would protect me from any others harm
When we would cross the street
I would hold on to yours arms
How I looked up to you

Because back then, you were a model to me
because back then you never, ever, showed the bottle to me
Now I am older and understand just what you are
I see that model turn to hatred,
and take your place in my heart
and now I need you

I need your guidance to do more than cross the street
I need a father
to tell me when things are right
and when things are wrong
that I know can remain strong
and that's not you

And now I'm sitting over this highway
listening to the sounds of the cars move through the air
each one is like a moment
a moment you weren't there
you made me blame myself
and then I blamed you

Now there is no one to blame
and I don't know what to do
I want to forgive you
because you are my dad
and I guess I have no choice
because you were all I had


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