9th Grade Blues


I wake up in a sweat,

The time is six-fifteen.

It’s time to start the day

Of a high school teen.

I get out of bed,

Groggy and tired,

I take a shower

Feeling less than wired.

I shower for twenty minutes,

Thirty if I fall asleep,

I get out and dry off

And pick some clothes from a heap.

I get dressed and stretch,

Do work yet undone,

Before I go to eat;

‘Till seven there’s none.

I have some cereal,

A bagel or toast,

Then I go pack my bag

For the things I dread most.

I come down to the commons

And hang out with a friend

‘Till the seven fifty bell rings

And my homework I mend.

We go to our first class,

Half-asleep still,

And try not to sleep;

Try to keep to our will.

We finish the first,

And go on to two.

Not much more awake;

Still feeling blue.

Then we drop off our bags

For our next class,

And go on to chapel

Rejoining the mass.

We do get through it

More tired than before,

And go to next class

To learn a bit more.

Finally we get a free period;

I spend doing work for next class,

Or hang out with friends if I’m done

And think my homework will pass.

I go down to eat,

No one knows why:

With this kind of food

You might rather die.

Then I go on

To classes some more,

Until I’m all done

And my brain is all sore.

I go to practice

If I’m in a sport,

Or hang out in the commons

Trying not to retort.

I go to study hall,

Accomplish little,

And the work undone

Will be tomorrow’s fiddle.

Then the day is done

Right after chapel again,

Starting at nine forty.

I go to bed then.

I get into night clothes,

Get in the hot dorm.

Be up there by ten,

At least, that’s the norm.

The room is stuffy,

Yet I try to sleep.

My roommate keeps me up

‘Till silence he’ll keep.

I can stop worrying,

I can finally rest!

This is my day,

At it’s very best.


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