93 Million Miles


It takes 8 minutes, 93 million miles

For the light of the sun to reach the earth.

But, I like to see the light of your smile.

It takes nowhere near that long to see.

You say you’ll go to the nearest star

Given the chance, well, I’ll come with.

If you’ll only let me.

Come on, take to the sky.

We talk for hours about whatever’s in our heads.

They say we look adorable, but

We’re not really trying.

Nonetheless, she still giggles. Why?

The music here hurts our ears,

So we go take a walk outside.

I think you’re very sweet and smart,

And I’d hate to leave you alone.

So, show me the stars, friend of mine.

Little ones,

Strung like party lights in the sky.

I think I’ve just found the courage to ask you to dance.



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