Sun, 09/15/2013 - 20:17 -- iamjude

We're jaded

No longer pleased with the midnight serenades and cigarettes

We yearn for something so simple

Each other

But it will never work

Because you love the heat and I love the cold

Scorching hot soup running down through your lungs

Clashing with my desire to wrapped in garments of grey

We wither away

Small and insignificant

Like the ashes from your cigarette

Oh, your cigarette

You do it in vain and I do it for everything

If only we could see the beauty in ourselves

We're falling

Like the ashes from your cigarette

Oh, your cigarette



I felt my stomach churn when I wrote the words, like the ashes from your cigarette. Mainly because it was the first time that I successfully used a meaningful symbol in one of my poems. The poem just wouldn't work without it. It described my unspoken feelings towards one of my close friends and how we've always had the same broken mentality about relationships. We have unrealistic expectations of people and when we get let down, we turn to self-destructing tactics (and each other) in order to relieve ourselves from the loneliness and sadness.

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