To the 8-Year Old Me

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 12:43 -- gericat

To the 8-year old mePlaying hide-n-go-seekNo, stay in this closetBe quiet, don’t speak. To the 8-year old meI’ll whisper in your earYou need to hear thisI’ll whisper, they won’t hear. To the 8-year old meCurled up in a ballI️ want you to realizeThat this isn’t all. To the 8-year old meI️ want you to knowIn ten years timeYou’ll really truly grow. To the 8-year old meSo competitive in playIn ten years timeMany days will be gray. To the 8-year old meYour climb will take gritBut the view at the topIs absolutely worth it. To the 8-year old meIt will all be okayJust take things slowTake things day by day. To the 8-year old meYou will scour to surviveBut what’s most importantIs that you thrive inside. To the 8-year old meYou will find where you belongLife is like a gameAnd you will learn to be strong. To the 8-year old meTo the life that you will startOutside of this closetStay true to your heart. To the 8-year old meTo the person you’ll becomeAre you ready to play?Ready or not, here it comes.

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