7th grade

7th Grade

By: Jasmine Roundtree


In the 7th grade, I found poetry.

It saved me all at once.

These twisted thoughts couldn’t be voiced.

In the 7th grade, poetry was all I had.

It let me be naked with my words.

With poetry, there were no wrongs.

In the 7th grade, I believed in poetry.

Poetry and God of course.

Both my saviours. Both I worshipped.

In 7th grade, I cherished poetry.

From lyrics to literature.

Rap to Rhythm and Blues.

In 7th grade, I needed poetry the most.

I was developing into someone new.

Someone who was reserved.

In 7th grade, poetry was my best friend.

Best Friends make promises and stay no matter what

Poetry was the only best friend that didn’t argue with me

In 7th grade, I found poetry.

In 7th grade, that’s when everything changed.


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