7 AM and Hardly Tired

Sitting on the bus,

flip flops and business attire.

7 am and hardly tired.

Yesterday the car was repo'd.

But we didn't try to fight

the way they do on tv.

Just grabbed license, registration,

and Dad's rosary.

Just the things we need.

No one's surprised, no one complained.

Some things you take in stride

even though they come with pain. 

So painstakingly I used my strength,

to face this day today.

I'm going to get a new job.

Selling shoes apparel and home goods.

No, they didn't hire me yet,

But, I know that they should,

and I know that they will,

Because God is very good.

Very good, you know

last night, I read through Revelations.

So even if we lose it all,

we only need salvation.

Loyalty in friends and good family relations.

And patience.

Did I mention?

Yesterday the car was repo'd.

We didn't fight, didn't oppose.

Writing on the bus, nice shirt, work clothes,

it's 7am and I'm far from tired.



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