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6 letters

1 word they say can shake the ground

and bring you down

to put it nicely they called me fatass


and its amazing

how words give you worth

and it's all fun and games untill someone gets hurt

but i have a habit 

of letting things get to me


letting impostors with the same face 

and a different name 

usurp my throne of dignity 

and make me a peasant in my own kingdom.


5 letters

made me ashamed of my skin-tone 

to place me in such a group of thugs 

they called me nigga.


A slang term used for slaves

i was too smart to be in regular classes

and too afraid of being recognized for my complexion

misguieded and led astray by the thought of acceptance

i walked in the opposite direction

and instead of excelling 

I let my mind wither away.


4 letters 


i never felt it.


3 letters

referring to a populous happy people 

tey used it discriminately 

they not only called me gay 

they called me faggot.


they compared me to a bundle of sticks that should be burned 

the embers of my heart died

and i began to question 

if my father even wanted me as a son anymore


2 letters

I and U

as in I forgive U for everything

and ill give yoou what you wanted

you should be proud of what you've accomplished


it seems 

sticks and stones broke my bones

but your words are what killed my soul

so i wrote-


1 letter

roughly 100 characters it read

"Im sorry, I dont know who i am anymore.

I seem to be a bother to everyone around me

so i know you'll be happy to know im leaving,

and i dont think i can come back."


I wrapped 17 years of sadness around my neck 

used your words as my motivation

and took a leap of faith


6 letters


my name is...

my name, was Joshua.



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