I am a student:
A quantifiable piece of data.
My value is measurable
By a cold series of letters and numbers.
4.3125 Weighted GPA
3.9375 Unweighted GPA
30 ACT
136 IQ
69 G-Points
These numbers point to my future success
(So they tell me)
But confidence is not commensurate,
Feelings are not measurable,
Hope is not numeric,
And my dreams have no mass.
You cannot compute enthusiasm.
You cannot calculate perseverance.
There's not a formula for fortitude
Or an algorithm for attitude.
So then why is my ”best” 
Measured by a standardized test
That ignores the heartbeat in my chest
And the nights I spend with no rest?
I don't give a damn if you're impressed!
So if you really think that exam
Will tell you who really I am,
Than you take it.
Take it and shove it right up your
Applications process.
But, then again, what do I know?
I am just a student:
A quantifiable piece of data.



This is my new all time favorite poem! Congrats you deserve it


Sarena Godoy

You left me speachless, your poem is awesome.

You took the words damn straight out of our mouthes!

You speak the truth of what all of us feel,

And I don't think it could have been said, or,

Written more eloquently than you have.

A job well done, an example set.

My hat is off to you, you deserve all!

Keep going, don't let anyone say wrong,

 Because you have a talent that most don't!


I love how bold and truthfully this poem is written


Beautiful !!


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Wow I love it. This system of grouping human beings in herds based on petty tests shows exactly how much they care about us. Society puts more emphasis on schools than it does on education.


I LOVE your piece. Very creative. My fav line..."Take it and shove it right up your Application process.." brilliant line. 


This poem still gives me life after over a year of it being published haha

Abby Studer

This is incredible. The words put in this poem measure who you are more than any standardized test. Stay true to you, You've got this.


Freaking awesome!


This is amazing. I love how it reflects how much society depends on the technology in our education systems to "judge the kind of person one is"... simple measurements and numbers like these isn't how your supposed to judge a person at all.

I love this so much


Love this soo much! Makes me inspired and less stressed out. I've been freaking out about trying to cram my schedule full of ap courses. This poem brought me back to that place between reality and imagination. Thanks!


This piece is incredible! 


This touched me in a way I can't really explain. Whenever I'm at school or, heck, applying to colleges, I always felt like people aren't really seeing me. They are seeing the numbers associated with my name.


This poem is very relatable. I love it!


Your poem is incredible! And I understand. Majority of seniors around the world are going through same rollercoaster as am I.


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