I went on an afternoon run, to see if I could find you. 
The shoe fitting was perfect, until I ran to you. 
The oddity of the space between my toes, 
I thought if I should stop. 
But the perseverance of my strength,
In hope to impress you.
Up the golden hill of marble and through the blue caves of clay. 
You weren’t in the winds and turns. 
You weren’t in the tunnel of shame. 
And I ran back down, with more glory and fame. 
The taste of hope and a deep breath of fresh joy,
To the thought of you being near me. 
And my soul searching was on. 
Determined that I would find you,
If maybe just a glimpse. 
That’s all the dose for today’s day. 
A glimpse or two,
and a smile too. 
I ran and I ran, with dry grass in sight. 
The disappointment and the heavy gut feeling,
That I wouldn’t see you for today. 
A sense of confusion and a loss for hope. 
I stopped running…
And walked to find my place again,
In hopes tomorrow I’ll search and find you.


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