5 and rebuttal

You're too close

You're unpredictable

You're too far away

You're too different

You're too passionate, it scares me,

to the first, because I know without a doubt that I could disappear any day now,

to the second, my stable pattern is mercuriality in life,

to the third, I am trying to be close to you but I was faithful, you were'nt.

to the fourth, Am I less human because of it? It may be your problem, but it is certainly not mine.

to the fifth, I just wanted you to know how I felt, but perhaps I'm not meant to as I am, as I am, something to be feared in your eyes.

Perhaps there's something wrong with me,

Perhaps I shouldn't feel as I do,

Perhaps I shouldn't judge monolithically

Perhaps my emotions are best locked away, why not, I was only happy.

Perhaps I'm the one who should stop seeking what I desire, and retire again to waiting.

Maybe next time it won't happen,

Maybe next time it will

Maybe next time I'll be somewhere different,

Maybe next time I'll be someone different,

Maybe next time I'll get a response other than "it's not you it's me, " only to find out that one way or another, it was me.

There will be a next time,

There will be something better

There will be hope

There will be love

I'll be There 




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