4 Walls

Four walls watched as I waited for my Father's promise to pick me up ..

Instead of quality time he bought quality stuff to keep my mother hush ...

So every month he stopped by to drop a couple hundred bucks ..


That bought games to occupy time he never spent with me..

I guess a Father in my household wasn't meant for me..

But see that made me who I am and now I'm making history.

I started writing rhymes because my mind was full of misery.

I felt unwanted because my dad wasn't missin me.

Now his burden is burning and glowing up like a Christmas tree.

I started this poetry so the pain couldn't finish me. 

So if you read this poem read it with some energy.

When they ask who changed your life your heart might mention me.

In your face like dimension three..

Stinging like a million bee's.

Deeper then the 7 seas... Thats me!


So vast beyond your view.

What if you were me? What if I were you?


Would I still be stinging like a million bee's?

Would I be deeper than the seven sea's?

That exist even when there not seen.

Would you embrace your blue's or hide behind green?


Yes, Im African American. I represent my heritage. 

I made it into college but the knowledge, they're not sellin it. 

So since it's not free, gaurantee I'm not failing it.

When I recieve that degree on a wall is where I'm nailing it. 


To payback the four walls that was there to watch me. 

While I waited on a Father that never came and got me.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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