4 Months 21 Days

The sun shines and the birds chirp

It’s a perfect day for everyone but us

Little do we know that change awaits

Change that will forever alter our lives


We said good luck and wished you well

Hope was given and hope was lost

Never do we forget the run we took

To the heartbreaking moment of our loss


Wake up! wake up! We say

But this is no dream

We are awake


Awake, we wish we weren’t

This reality we wish was altered

They are gone and we are here


This nightmare has only begun

And we’re stuck in that moment, endlessly repeating

We can’t leave and we can’t stay


Too soon they left

Too soon we changed

Why did you go

Why did you leave us here all alone


All my ideas have vanished

I talk to the stars to find you

Hoping you will answer

But I can’t hear you

The noise is too loud


My heart is broken

Pieces are missing

Never to return

I am not the same


An alliance we were

An alliance has changed

We must go on but death has changed us all

We stand together in your absence

Our pain engraved deep in our hearts

Each heart different and each pain worse

A pain we share but a pain differs from each other


But it won’t be the same

Change has hurt us

4 months 21 days’

I am still here, we are still here, and you are still gone


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My family
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